Services & Amenities

In every respect, Jerns Funeral Home maintains a tradition of personal attention to the needs of the families we serve. We offer professional direction of services, whether held in the funeral home, church, temple, synagogue, cemetery, crematory, mausoleum, or private home. According to your wishes, services in the funeral home can be held in the chapel or in a private room.

It is your right and our responsibility that you have as complete an understanding as possible regarding the cost of our services. A funeral is a very personal affair, subject to the wishes and needs of our client families. The kind of funeral service provided is influenced by many factors including tradition, custom, religious obligation, and individual preference. There is no standard practice, no set pattern of events that is right for everyone.

We stand ready to meet the needs of all our client families. This requires that our personal and professional services, facilities, and equipment be available, flexible, and in perfect working order so that you consistently receive the highest quality service. We would offer you no less than our personal best at a time you most deserve it. If at any time we are not providing this level of service, please let one of our funeral directors know so that we can satisfy all of your questions and concerns.

Thank you for placing your trust and confidence in Jerns Funeral Home.

Here Are Some Specific Services We Provide:

• Procuring the death certificate and burial or cremation permit

• Coordinate service details with church and clergy

• Writing and placing classified death notices in newspapers

• Assistance in composing obituaries

• Coordinating all the arrangements regarding burial space with cemetery

• Coordinating floral designs for families and friends

• Providing pallbearers

• Providing benefits assistance in completing forms for Social Security, Insurance, Veterans Benefits, Pensions and Notary Public Service

• Offering complete selection of caskets, burial vaults, urns, and clothing

• Complete selection of personalized prayer cards and acknowledgment stationery

• Coordinating cemetery monuments, grave markers and engravings

• Providing Traditional, Cremation & Memorial services

• Funeral Pre-Planning services available (see Advance Funeral Planning)

• Providing supportive Aftercare information and referral to community services

• National network of affiliates, offering out-of-town arrangements

Scattering At Sea

•  Green Burials

May We Suggest

Scattering At Sea

Jerns Funeral Home is committed to providing services that go above and beyond for the families we serve. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that we now offer scattering at sea services, a natural and beautiful way to remember your loved one. We are equipped with our own sail boat so you never have to deal with a third party, and we can accommodate up to five family members during a scattering at sea ceremony.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to get a permit or special approval before scattering at sea?

No. Cremated remains may be scattered on all public navigable waterways in Washington State. These include Puget Sound, rivers, streams, lakes, and the Pacific Ocean within a three-mile limit. No reporting is required.

Can I place the urn with the cremated remains into the ocean?

No. Do not drop or throw the urn into a body of water, unless it is made of a certified biodegradable material. Remove the metal identification disc from inside the urn and the identification label from the outside. Dispose of metal disc, plastic bag, bag closure, label and urn separately.

How many friends and family members can I have with me?

At this time, our boat can accommodate up to five friends and family members.

Who will Jerns be contacting to arrange this for me?

You will not have to deal with a third party; we have a staff member who is a trained and experienced sailor with their own boat.

Green Burials

What is a green burial?

This is simple and natural. Green burial, or natural burial, ensure the burial site remains as natural as

possible in all respects. Interment of the bodies is done in a bio-degradable casket, shroud, or a favorite

blanket. No embalming fluid, no concrete vaults.

Why have a green burial?

It is clear that nature has intended that our bodies be reunited with the earth. All organisms that have lived, have died and returned to the soil...only to be recycled into new life. Constant microbial activity in the soil breaks everything down. Nature creates no waste. Everything is recycled.

In keeping with your personal values, a natural burial site for you, family, even pets, promotes growth of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers, in turn bringing birds and other wildlife to the area. Water is not wasted, nor is pesticides and herbicides used in attempts to control nature. Instead, a green cemetery allows nature take its course. Planting native trees, shrubs and flowers in your loved one's honor promotes habitat restoration. To encourage land preservation, a green cemetery grants a conservation easement for the burial site.

Burial vs Cremation

A green burial is a cremation alternative, and a viable alternative to "traditional" burial practices in the United States. It is an earth friendly option when considering burial vs cremation. Many families choose cremation because it's seen as more environmentally friendly than traditional burial. Embalming, expensive sealed caskets and burial vaults are not required by law. Though traditional memorial parks may require them, a green cemetery or memorial nature preserve does not. The simplicity of a green burial is in tune with nature and need not be expensive.

Until recently, interment in an environmentally friendly burial ground was not an option. Now we can consider and encourage a natural burial, helping to preserve open spaces throughout the United States. This will increasingly become a cremation alternative.

Choosing a green burial now relieves your loved ones of the distress that comes in having to make difficult, and often costly, decisions after your passing. Involve your friends and family now, so difficult decisions do not need to be made in a time of grief.

May We Suggest

• A Pianist, Organist, Soloist, or Quartet to perform during the service.

• A Harpist playing in the background during the visitation.

• Catering of food and beverage upon request at an outside venue or one of your choice.

• Videotaping of the Funeral Service, Memorial Service, and Graveside Service.

• A Bagpiper at the Funeral Service or at the place of final rest.

• A Bugler at the Interment Service.

• A Horse-drawn Hearse and Livery Coachman (distance and weather permitting).

• A Memorial Release of Doves.

• To transport the Urn to Church or Memorial Service with Flowers.