***Jerns Funeral Home welcomes all to come in an visit our Military Memorial Display. We want to see the display continue to grow and prosper. We are always happy to accept memorabilia donations no matter how large or small***

"Dying for freedom isn't the worst thing that can happen; being forgotten is."

World War II Memorial spokesman, Tom Hanks

Many of our friends and family members are veterans so we understand the great sacrifice and contribution they made for our country. That is why we try to do everything we can for our veterans. Each year Jerns Funeral Chapel and On-Site Crematory salutes those who bravely fought to defend freedom. Over the years we have had the privilege of serving the families of many veterans. Our Veteran Display features memorabilia from World War 1 through the Vietnam War. Selected items are displayed year round.

Our veterans were there for us and our country. Some couldn’t wait to come home to the families they loved. Others gave the ultimate sacrifice. Today, as every day, they remain unforgotten. As we honor our veterans, let us also honor all who served today because they are the veterans of tomorrow. Jerns Funeral Home is dedicated to honoring those who have answered the call to serve. We specialize in services and options that properly acknowledge our veteran’s service to their country. Please feel free to ask about our veteran services and programs and how we can assist your family. When you need us, we’ll be here.

***Jerns Funeral Home Military Memorial is happy to accept memorabilia donations***